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The fast-growing global drone industry is an all-new market generating all-new opportunities in government operations and commercial enterprises across the country. With insight, experience and extensive knowledge, our experts welcome you to explore this ever-changing technology. 

A Promising Career as a Drone Pilot
Some freelance drone pilots say they’re making more than $100,000 a year. Most drone pilots work as freelance contractors, flying drones for major companies and small businesses. Source:

FAA Makes Major Drone ID Marking Change

Remember to mark the outside of your drone with your FAA-issued registration number. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule, now in effect in the Federal Register, requires small drone owners to display the FAA-issued registration number on an outside surface of the aircraft. Owners and operators may no longer place or write registration numbers in an interior compartment. The markings must be in place for any flight after that date.Learn more at   

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