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Welcome to BioTechnology Camp
2021 Summer Camp at Frederick Community College 

FCPS high school students are invited to participate in our free hands-on Biotechnology Camp at Frederick Community College (FCC) to discover the world of biotechnology this summer. From exploring the many ways biotech affects our daily lives to discussing a wide range of career opportunities, this one-week camp will be held in July and August. 

From apparel and food to a variety of products, biotechnology is a part of lives everyday. Join us to discover how to use biotechnology to solve problems, make useful products and prepare for a promising career. With a 9% job growth* rate, annual average salaries** over $50,000 and more than 80 local employers*** in our area, now is the best time to learn about this exciting field.

2021 Summer Biotechnology Camps
Click below to register online today or view our PDF flyer to learn more. If you have any questions, please contact us.


2021 Summer BioTechnology Camps
Program Guidelines & Important Student Information

Attendance is taken daily. Students will be signed in and signed out of classes by the instructor. Parents should bring their child to the class no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the class. There is no supervision prior to this time. Parents take full responsibility for child’s behavior & safety. At dismissal, students will be supervised until picked up. Please be prompt!

FCC staff are not authorized to administer any non-emergency medication (prescription or non-prescription) to students. Emergency medications can be administered by FCC staff with written authorization from a physician and parent/guardian. Emergency medication includes a rescue inhaler or epi-pen. If medication must be taken while the student is on campus, the parent/guardian is responsible for coming to campus to administer the medication. In emergencies requiring immediate medical attention, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital emergency room. Your signature below authorizes the responsible person at Frederick Community College to have your child transported to that hospital.

Parental Consent Agreement 
No student may be on campus unsupervised. I approve of my child's enrollment in the Kids on Campus/Teens on Campus enrichment program and take responsibility for my child's compliance with appropriate student behavior. Disruptive and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal. Students dismissed from the program will not receive a refund.

Marketing Materials
Because FCC is a public institution, photography or video recording of students, employees, & visitors in common areas on campus or at ceremonies and events may appear in print or electronic marketing materials without permission.

Special Accommodations
Frederick Community College makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities for College-sponsored events and programs. If you have accommodation needs or questions, please call 301-846-2408. To request a sign language interpreter, please visit If you have interpreting related questions, email Sign language interpreters will not be automatically provided for College-sponsored events without a request for services. To guarantee accommodations, requests must be made at least five workdays in advance of a scheduled event.
Phone Usage
Cell phones must remain off during class session. If you need to reach your child while class is in session, please call our office at 301-663-0124 and a message will be immediately delivered to your child. Electronic devices and cell phones may not be used during class hours without instructor permission. FCC is not responsible for lost, broken or missing items.
FCC Alert
We strongly encourage parents to sign up for FCC Alert in order to receive timely information regarding College closures, emergencies, etc.). To sign up, visit

Covid-19 Protocols
Biotechnology Camp will follow all recommended FCC Guidelines to keep students safe and protected while attending classes on the FCC campus. Click here for more specific information about protocols that will be followed. Students are expected to follow all safety guidelines stated in the information below. Learn more at
  • Parents will be made aware of COVID-19 symptoms and be required to keep their children at home if symptoms arise. IF COVID-19 symptoms are developed during class, a designated place for them to await pick-up by parents will be determined. 
  • Each day, parents/guardians will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms upon classroom check-in.
  • All staff will follow FCC guidelines regarding masks, social distancing, best practices and hygiene requirements.
  • Students and staff will follow instructional space protocols as stated in each room. Common areas and other cleaning protocols will be followed by the Plant staff in accordance with CDC guidelines.  
  • All staff and students will be required to always wear masks. 
  • All students will follow social distancing criteria per current FCC Guidelines.
  • Classes will remain small in numbers (per current FCC guidelines) and students will remain with only one class throughout the week.
  • For any questions or concerns about COVID-19, the Program Manager, in consultation with Dean of Students and/or HR will be available for
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Waiver of Responsibility
The Biotechnology Camp involves classroom-based enrichment activities throughout the FCC campus. I/We understand and voluntarily assume all risks inherent in the nature of these activities and I/we waive and release all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses and judgment against FCC and release FCC and its representatives arising out of my child's participation in the Biotechnology Camp. FCC and the Biotechnology Camp are not responsible for personal items brought or left on campus. DO NOT BRING: Games, toys, trading cards, electronic devices, money. All cell phones must be turned off during class hours. FCC is not responsible for lost, broken, or missing items.

Required Student Information
Prior to participating, a parent or guardian is required to sign a waiver detailing these guidelines while providing the following information and agreeing to this statement: “I have read and understand the above procedures. I certify that the information presented below to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I take full responsibility for my child’s compliance with the appropriate student behavior.”
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #1 Name 
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #1 Home Phone 
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #1 Cell Phone     
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #1 Work Phone 
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #1 Email 
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #2 Name
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #2 Home Phone 
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #2 Cell Phone     
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #2 Work Phone 
  • Parent/Legal Guardian #2 Email 
  • Name of emergency contact in the event parent/guardian cannot be reached 
  • Emergency contact home phone
  • Emergency contact cell phone 
  • Emergency contact work phone
  • Emergency contact relationship to student 
  • Voluntary question: pronouns you would like us to refer to your child by (she, he, they) 
  • Does student have a life-threatening allergy that requires use of EPI pen while on campus? (Yes/No) 
  • Does student have any health problems, including physical, psychiatric or behavioral problems? If yes, please explain (example: ADD, ADHD, Autism, etc.)
  • Student’s Physician’s Name
  • Physician’s Phone Number
  • Name(s) & cell phone numbers of authorized adults picking up student (be specific)
  • Permission to photograph student? (Yes/No)
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If you have any questions, please contact us. Our information is noted below.
Contact Us
Savita Prabhakar, Assistant Biotechnology & Science Professor
Frederick Community College • 7932 Opossumtown Pike • Frederick, MD 21702 • 301.624.2888 •

Employment Projection, Job Outlook and Salary Data Sources
*Maryland Projected Job Growth for Biological Technicians - Source: O*Net Online, Maryland Employment Trends for: 19-4021.00 – Biological Technicians, 2018-2028 
**Maryland Annual Mean Wage of Biological Technicians - Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2020, 19-4021 Biological Technicians
***Bio and Life Science Companies in Frederick County, Maryland - Source: Frederick County Maryland, Office of Economic Development, Bioscience,

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