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Welcome to ILR 55+ Programs
The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR 55+) at FCC is Frederick County’s premier knowledge and discovery destination for adults age 55 and older. 
ILR 55+ classes are available on campus, off campus and online. Click below to get started. 

Spring 2023 Registration is Now Open!
Learn, explore and discover what awaits you in everything from creative and culinary arts to science, technology, hobbies, and travel. Enjoy arts and music, discover a new perspective on history, discuss current local and world issues, explore digital photography, and more.

Our spring classes also include an opportunity to join our exclusive ILR Travel Club as well as register to attend a selection of new, free and online experiences too. Be sure to click to the right to view and download our new Spring 2023 schedule PDF, or scroll down to 
browse all classes and register online today >>