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Welcome to Logistics & Production Technology 

Prepare to serve on the front-line as a trained technician in advanced manufacturing, biotechnology maintenance, or material handling.

Our new Logistics & Production Technology program delivers in-depth knowledge and applied experience for successful entry-level positions into the Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Biotechnology industries, which continue to be high-growth and high-demand industries in Frederick County. 

This specialized training develops essential core skills for front-line positions in materials handling and supply chain logistics at fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. 

Register for Upcoming Classes
Courses include valuable opportunities to earn two nationally recognized credentials, MSSC Certified Logistics Associate and MSSC Certified Logistics Technician. Click on individual classes below to learn more and register online today.

Note for FCPS High School Students
Frederick County Public School students may receive free tuition through Dual Enrollment at FCC for all courses. Fee and book scholarships may be available for select programs. Students should speak with their high school counselor first if they plan to enroll in an FCC workforce development course or program.