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Welcome to Automotive Technology Training

Automotive Technology Training is a Continuing Education & Workforce Development program at Frederick Community College.

Expert instruction from certified professionals combined with hands-on experience delivers a working knowledge of vehicle operations and maintenance to prepare individuals for direct entry into the workforce.

Automotive technicians work in a variety of roles in the automotive industry. From repairing cars and servicing commercial trucks to  building the next race car, opportunities for automotive technicians are as varied as they are rewarding. FCC delivers a solid education as well as hands on experience to get you started in your new career.

To Register for Classes
To learn more and register for classes, email or contact us by calling 301.624.2888. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are happy to assist you with the Automotive Technology Training registration process and look forward to meeting you soon.

Becoming an Automotive Technology Professional
Automotive service technicians often work at automotive stores, tire service centers and service stations while an overwhelming majority work for automobile dealers and the automotive repair and maintenance industry. The number of vehicles in use and on the road today continues to rise. This generates a need for more entry-level service technicians as these cars and trucks require inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Join an industry where your skills and knowledge are important and essential to the ongoing transportation needs in today's modern car-driven society.

Automotive Technology in the Workplace
Employment of Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics is projected to remain steady through 2028 with Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics in Maryland earning an average of $58,000 per year in our area. Job opportunities are often greater for experienced, skilled, and qualified mechanics.

Automotive Technology Training Program
Enter the field by developing a working knowledge of vehicle operations and maintenance. Become familiar with key functions, critical components, tools and parts identification and use, as well as workplace safety guidelines. Examine tasks and responsibilities while acquiring the knowledge and skills to assist experienced mechanics with repairs and maintenance. 

Additional Program Information

Instruction consists of classroom discussions as well as hands-on learning (tools and materials are provided). To prepare individuals for direct entry into the workforce, this Short Term Training Program can be completed in less than a year.