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ACT Exam and SAT Test Preparation

Get ready for your ACT and SAT college entrance exams with test preparation courses in Frederick, MD. These test prep classes provide essential tools, proven tips and important information you need to get ahead of the curve. Click below to learn more.


Test registration dates and deadlines are now available through Spring 2020. Register today to prepare and practice. Make note of test dates and align your plan with college application deadlines. Watch this College Board video for tips on creating a timeline that works for you and register below for test preparation at FCC >>

U.S. SAT Test Dates and Deadlines 
SAT Test Date
Register By
December 7, 2019
November 8, 2019
March 14, 2020
February 14, 2020
May 2, 2020
April 3, 2020
June 6, 2020
May 8, 2020

Why Prepare Ahead of Time? 

In short, preparing and taking a practice exam well in advance of a scheduled ACT or SAT date should be standard for all students looking to achieve their highest possible score. This allows students to set realistic study schedules, tackle their fears, build confidence and make sure their plan for how to approach the test is working, with enough time to make modifications as needed.
Choosing an SAT test date that gives you plenty of time to study and works well with your schedule is vital for quality prep. Typically, it's best to choose a date at least a few months ahead of time so you can easily tweak your schedule to make time for study sessions. If you choose a date that's very soon (i.e., less than a month before the test), you won't have as much time to study or rearrange your schedule. Review prep classes below to determine which is the best for you and register online >>

SAT Prep and ACT Prep Classes at Frederick Community College

SAT Prep - Math Review

Prepare for success with individualized semiprivate sessions. Acquire test-taking strategies for optimal SAT performance while reviewing geometry, algebra, and mathematics. Bring a calculator and the latest edition of the Barron’s SAT book to class. Homework assignments strengthen learning between sessions. Small class size ensures one-on-one instruction.

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SAT Prep - Verbal Review

Get ready to earn your best score with this in-depth review. Study vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, and acquire test-taking strategies for optimal SAT performance. Bring a calculator and the latest edition of the Barron’s SAT book to class. Homework assignments strengthen learning between sessions. Small class size ensures one-on-one instruction.

ACT Prep

Strengthen your understanding in all sections of the ACT exam, learn test taking strategies, review test questions, complete practice test sections, and explore specific ways to improve your score. Incorporates strategies for English, Math, Reading, and Science.

11/25 - 12/9 • Mon & Wed • 6:15 - 8:15 p.m. 

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Important SAT Testing Information

U.S. deadlines apply to students testing in the United States and U.S. territories.


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In Person Versus Online Instruction

Which is best for you? It depends on what is most important when it comes to preparing for the SAT test. If you need one-on-one personalized attention in a focused environment with a set schedule, then in-person learning is likely your best choice. Or do you prefer to learn at your own pace with the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime on a laptop or mobile device? Then online instruction may be the ideal format for you. Consider your options and always remember, preparing ahead of time is the best way to earn your top score.

In-Person Test Preparation
In-person preparation provides students with instructor-led tailored preparation to overcome weakness and build on strengths to ensure a student earns their best overall score.

• Accountability
• Minimized distractions
• Individualized instruction
• Easier explanations to problems
• Trust and relationship built between student/teacher. 

• Specific physical location
• Fixed schedule
• Can be more costly

Online Test Preparation
Online test preparation offers students the flexibility to study on their own schedule. Students can choose from a variety of online prep options making it one of the most flexible and cost-efficient study-methods available.

• Convenience
Self-paced learning

Lack of face-to-face time with instructor
• Not personalized or tailored to specific needs
• Potential outside distractions during learning sessions
• Requires high level of self-discipline and self-motiviation

Ready to register for prep classes? Choose the option that's right for you! >>


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