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Welcome to Thrive
Spring Registration is Now Open!

As learning is a lifelong adventure for everyone, FCC welcomes all students. Thrive offers classes for cognitively and developmentally disabled people as well as those who choose to join them. Classes designed for ages 16 and up promote well-being and skills development through fun and creative activities. Instruction allows for functional independence that can transfer into the home, community, and workplace. Please see the important information belowbrowse all classes or view our Spring 2024 scheduleWe look forward to meeting you!

Important Information New Accommodations Process
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Important Information
If you answer yes to any of the below questions, registration must be completed using the new accommodation process.
  • Do you need an accommodation?
  • Will you need to bring a personal care aid or assistant to class with you?
  • Do you need an interpreter or plan to bring your own?
New Accommodations Process
If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you will need to follow our accommodation process below. Students must register through the FCC Disability Access Services office located in Annapolis Hall. Students will be asked to provide additional information and upload requested documentation to confirm disability status and will have a meeting with Disability Access Services to discuss the accommodation plan. This change in practice is to ensure all students at Frederick Community College receive equitable access to their program of choice. A request can be submitted here. Frederick Community College is committed to providing equal opportunity and access for students with disabilities by removing barriers to participation and providing reasonable accommodations. Disabilities can include but are not limited to learning, attention, hearing, vision, psychological, chronic medical, and physical. If you have any questions, please email or call 301.846.2408. 

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Spring 2024 | Browse by Week
Click below to read individual class descriptions and register online when registration opens on December 4.