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Continuing Education & Workforce Development
COVID-19 Information & Learning Formats

Thank you for your interest in Continuing Education & Workforce Development at Frederick Community College. FCC is working to increase the number of in-person classes while continuing to comply with public health and safety standards. Spring registration continues with classes available for registration in Online, Structured Remote, and Hybrid Remote learning formats. Summer/Fall 2021 registration will open Monday, April 19, 2021.

FCC is currently in Stage 2 of the FCC Roadmap to Resilience and Recovery plan
To provide information about what to expect should you register for a Hybrid Remote class scheduled to meet on Main Campus or at the Monroe Center, we tried to anticipate questions and provide answers. If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact us.

Comprehensive student resources, including assistance with taking classes virtually, navigating online registration, connecting with College resources, and more, remain available to our College community.

Frederick Community College COVID-19 Procedures

Thank you for your patience as we cautiously and strategically reopen our main campus andthe Monroe Center. The COVID-19 virus is obviously still with us. We must take all precautions to keep each other and our families and loved ones safe.

We continue to follow the advice of health experts and local and state officials. The Frederick Community College roadmap to resilience and recovery plan is based on Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's, Maryland state guidelines and recommendations from the Frederick County Health Department. This is a gradual safe path forward for classes and activities at Frederick Community College. Your safety is our first priority and we are in this together.

Frederick Community College Stage 2 Operations FAQs

Should I come to campus?

If you are in a Structured Remote (SR) or Online course (ONL), you will not be required to come to campus for class sessions. If you are in a Hybrid Remote class (HYR) you will be expected to come to campus for some specific class sessions. These sessions will be scheduled during posted course times and should be listed in your course schedule. During the first 3 stages of the
FCC Roadmap to recovery plan, most campus buildings, offices, and common areas will remain closed to students and there will be few reasons for students to visit campus if students are not in a Hybrid Remote class (HYR). College services will be provided in a virtual format and your instructors, advisors, and college staff are prepared to provide a high level of service remotely.

What can I expect if I have to go to main campus or the Monroe Center?
During the first 3 stages of the FCC Roadmap to recovery plan, face masks and physical distancing of at least six feet will be required for all faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors. Everyone on campus will be asked to follow new signage for entering buildings and passing through hallways. Students and faculty will be asked to use college-provided hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting rooms, and learning spaces will be rearranged to comply with physical distancing guidelines.

If I register for a Hybrid Remote class (HYR), what can I expect?

You will be expected to come to campus for periodic class sessions that your instructor will tell you about at the start of class. Plan to arrive on campus as close to the start of class as possible. Students who arrive early or need a place to wait between classes will be directed to the H building. Physical distancing guidelines – including use of masks and hand sanitizer – will be enforcedand classrooms can be occupied by no more than ten people. Your instructor will ask you to wipe down spaces or equipment before or after use. Students who willfully violate social distancing rules may be asked to leave campus; this will be addressed as disruptive behavior under FCC’s Code of Student Conduct.

What is the difference between a Structured Remote Course (SR) and an Online Course (ONL)?

They both meet online, but how they do meet is different:

Structured Remote Course (SR)
tructured Remote Courses (SR) have a specific class times associated with them. Your professor may use that time to have real-time sessions, also called synchronous sessions. These sessions may include virtual classes, group discussions, office hours, or other class activities. The frequency of those sessions will vary from course to course. Check the syllabus for the schedule of sessions. Participation in these courses will be strongly encouraged; however, students who cannot attend one or more sessions will be able to review recorded versions of these sessions. Students who cannot attend will not be penalized for missing these sessions; however, they will be responsible for reviewing the material covered in those sessions. In other words, if you cannot attend a session, watch and learn from the recorded session.

Online Courses (ONL)
Courses designated as online (ONL) will not meet during specific scheduled times, meaning that they are asynchronous. Students complete the work must meet the deadlines and expectations outlined by the professor but can completed the work on their own time prior to that deadline

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Can I register for more than one Structured Remote (SR) or Hybrid Remote class (HYR) that meets at the same time?
No. Students should not sign up for two classes during the same time slot. Even if they are virtual, as you will be unable to attend sessions that occur at the same time.

What will happen to my class if the campus re-opens?
These additional classes would meet during the standard class time FCC Roadmap to recovery plan. Some Hybrid Remote class (HYR) may additional require scheduled, in-person attendance during class sessions during the final stage of the FCC Roadmap to recovery plan. Online and Structured Remote Course (SR) will not require in-person attendance even if campus re-opens during the final stage of the 

What if I start in one type of class but decide I want other options?
Read your syllabus carefully at the start of each course, review course expectations and the schedule, and ask your instructor questions. Consult with an academic advisor to find an alternative class if you don’t feel you are able to complete the class as scheduled. Students should consult the refund dates in the schedule and be mindful of withdrawal timetables. If a change is necessary, you must switch during the Drop/Add period.

Important Face to Face Class Information

When do I come to Main Campus/Monroe Center?
If you are registered for a course that is Hybrid-remote (HYR) you will have some time on Main Campus/Monroe as part of the course. Those specific dates and times will be found in your course syllabus. Please do not come to the main campus or Monroe on any dates/time other than those specifically listed in your course syllabus. College services are all conducted remotely and public spaces are closed unless otherwise noted. If you are registered for an Online (ONL) or Structured Remote (SR) course your entire course will be held online, you should not come to Main Campus/Monroe Center.

What do I do when I arrive to Main Campus/Monroe Center?

Main Campus:

If you are driving to main campus you will be directed by signs to park in Lot #1 in front of the Student Center. Signs will direct to you to the entrance. You will need to pass through the Student Center (H-building) prior to any scheduled class session, test, or for technical support so we can ensure you are wearing a mask. DO NOT go directly to your classroom building! We ask that you come to campus with your own mask, however, if you do not have one we will provide you with one at the H building. It is recommended to leave extra time when arriving to campus given the restrictions on parking location and limited building access.

If you are using public transportation, walking, or being dropped off you will need to proceed directly to the Student Center (H-building) to enter the campus. Building doors will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to a class. If arriving early you may wait in the Student Center or outside your designated classroom building entrance. We ask that wherever you are on campus you maintain a 6- foot distance between you and other people. Buildings are locked 15 minutes after the start of the class. If you are arriving late you will need to go to Security in the Student Center or call (301-846-2453) to gain access to the building.


If your class is at the Monroe Center, once you arrive you will be directed to the main door where you will need to enter to ensure that you are wearing a mask. We ask that you arrive with your own mask, however, if you do not have a mask we will provide one.Doors to instructional spaces will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to a class. If you arrive early, you will be required to wait in the designated area inside or outside the building. We ask that wherever you are at the Monroe Center you maintain a 6- foot distance between you and other people.

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Are there any special guidelines for getting in and around the buildings?

Buildings will be locked until 15 minutes before a class session. Only designated doors will be unlocked and signs will direct you to the entrance doors. All buildings have one-way traffic patterns to maximize physical distancing. Once inside you will also see signs and floor cues that will indicate direction of travel throughout the building. For example, hallways will be designated as one-way and stairs will be designated as up or down only.

Will the restrooms be open?

The restrooms will be open. It is essential that you enter ONLY the building that your class is in and use the restroom in that building. Please follow physical distancing expectations. For classes on main campus that are outside your instructor will tell you which restrooms you should use. If you are attending an outside class, such as Tennis, the instructor will have to call security (301-846-2453) to request to be let into a designated restroom building.

What do I do when class is over?

The campus is only open for limited instruction and testing. The student areas are all closed including the Cougar Grill and all student lounge areas. After class is over you should leave the campus. If you have another class that day you can either wait outside or in the designated waiting area in the Student Center.

Will food be available on the Main Campus or Monroe Center?

There is no food available for purchase on Main Campus or Monroe Center. Be sure to bring any food and drink you require with you.

Will water fountains be operational?

Yes. But please bring a refillable water bottle if you want to use the water fountain.

What guidelines are in place for my safety as I return to class?

  • Both Main Campus and Monroe Center are following CDC guidelines that include wearing a mask when on campus and following all physical distancing guidelines.
  • In some classes additional personal protective equipment will be used which may include wearing a face shield, a hospital gown, gloves, or some combination. These addition supplies will be provided by the instructor. Signage will indicate if additional protective equipment is required for a class session.
  • The number of students in a class at a time has been limited for your safety. The chair/room set up has been modified to ensure the 6 –foot physical distancing requirements. It is essential that you do not move class seats when you enter the room.
  • Special cleaning procedures will also be in place in all teaching/testing areas. You will be expected to assist by using hand sanitizer as you enter and exit a classroom and you will be expected to assist in wiping down your work area/desk before and after a class session. These materials and written instructions will be provided by the College and will be in the classroom.
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What do I do if I feel sick but I am scheduled for an on-campus class on Main Campus or Monroe Center?

If you are feeling ill, DO NOT COME TO CLASS. The instructor will work with you to make up the required work.

What do I do if I have been in contact with someone in the last 14 days who test positive for COVID-19 and I have an on-campus class scheduled at Main Campus or Monroe?

If you have been in contact with someone in the last 14 days who test positive for COVID-19 DO NOT COME TO CLASS. The instructor will work with you to make up the required work. It is recommended that you get tested for COVID-19 if you have come in contact with someone who tested positive or who is sick with COVID-19.

Are there new rules I need to follow on campus?

Yes – the FCC Code of Student Conduct has been modified to include the following COVID-Requirements. All students must adhere to the following requirements related to personal responsibility while on College premises, as outlined in the FCC Roadmap to Resilience and Recovery. Failure to adhere to these requirements will be adjudicated in accordance with the procedures outlined in this document, Section VII, under the Code of Student Conduct Referral, Sanctions, and Appeal Process.
• Face coverings, covering the nose and mouth, are required for anyone on College premises at all times.
Hand sanitizer use is required upon entrance/exit to classroom/learning spaces and College premises.
Physical distancing of at least six (6) feet is required and gatherings of no more than ten (10) individuals for anyone on College premises.
Use of specified entrances and exits into buildings.
Follow directional flow indicated on flooring with visual cues.
Follow instructional space protocols defined for classrooms, assigned seating, computer classrooms, and specialty spaces.
Follow physical distancing cues marked on flooring.
• Follow signage in bathrooms related to personal hygiene, hand washing, and physical distance.
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