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Hospitality Management Apprenticeship Program

Creating a Pipeline of Skilled and Educated Hospitality and Culinary Managers for Maryland Businesses  

Join the Hospitality Management Apprenticeship Program at FCC and become part of an exciting new program offering personalized learning and on-the-job career training.

Combining theory-related classroom instruction and hands-on training*, our registered apprenticeship training program awards associate degrees while providing a career pathway to management-level positions in the lodging and hospitality industry. *As required by the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council (MATC)

This unique journey is tailored to individual apprentice needs, with different learning styles and preferences, delivers immediate experience, and builds core competencies under the guidance of experienced industry professionals in the field.

Measurable program outcomes are based upon demonstrated practical skills, rather than accumulated hours, with quality assurances to confirm apprentices meet proficiency goals and specific industry standards.

Participating Employers
Meet with Frederick Community College staff to determine specific business needs and opportunities for employment. Benefits include increased employee retention, productivity, and profitability as registered apprenticeship programs have demonstrated a 147% increase in productivity for every dollar invested while apprentices report high levels of motivation, job satisfaction, and loyalty to employers.

Employer Incentives
Program / Incentive Value per Apprentice Annual Maximum Year 1 Years 2-4 Year 5
Maryland Apprenticeship
Tax Credit
$3k ($1k/youth) $15k Yes No No
Sponsor Apprentice Incentive Reimbursement (SAIR) $2.5k n/a Yes No No
Maryland Business Works $4.5k $40k Yes Yes Yes

Participating Students
Get ready to receive a paycheck while earning an associate degree, acquiring industry credentials, and networking with professionals in the field. Participation includes working as an apprentice employed under industry professionals in hospitality businesses, completing 2,000 hours work competencies training, and successful completion of 144 classroom hours of instruction per year.

Student Eligibility & Enrollment
Employers select and interview participants to determine potential for advancement into higher management positions. Please note, the College does not guarantee work placement.

Additional Information
Learn more about the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program (MATP) Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning at

Contact Us
For more information about the Hospitality Management Apprenticeship Program, please contact:

Raymond W. Maldo, MBA
Apprenticeship Recruiter

Frederick Community College • Monroe Center
200 Monroe Avenue • Frederick, MD 21701
240.629.7911 •