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Become a Veterinary Assistant

Combine your love of animals with our Veterinary Assistant training program to enjoy working as a vital member of an animal care team in clinics and animal hospitals.

Receive expert training from dedicated instructors at FCC and learn how to provide animals with important medical care alongside veterinarians, technicians and technologists while acquiring skills and knowledge to perform responsibilities of an entry-level position in the field.

Upon successful completion of your training, receive an FCC Certificate of Completion, indicating you have the training required to work as a veterinary assistant.

Program Overview
• Instruction follows the recommendations of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) for essential skills delivered during a veterinary assistant training program.
• This annual training program begins every fall semester and concludes at the end of the following spring semester.

• Placement into ENGL75 or ESOL72 and receive a score of 64 or higher on elementary algebra math assessment. Placement tests may be taken at the FCC Testing Center.

In-person registration is required in our Registration Office.

Program Courses
• CAH 145 Foundations for Healthcare Careers (36 hours)
• VET 130 Veterinary Assistant 1 (60 hours)
• VET 131 Veterinary Assistant 2 (60 hours)

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