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Welcome to Culinary Medicine in Foodservice
Health meets Food: Integrating Science-based Nutrition research

Foodservice professionals play a central role in changing the way Americans eat. Join us to gain a unique combination of nutritional knowledge and improved healthy culinary skills to effectively incorporate healthy options into a variety of menus. 

Ideal for individuals passionate about integrating science-based nutrition into a recognized skill set, these courses include online education as well as hands-on cooking modules. Available in multiple class formats, instruction is designed for culinary professionals with the following experience:
  • Foodservice professionals with 3+ years of experience
  • Healthcare facility employees
  • Graduates of culinary or nutrition programs
  • Individuals with Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) certification and/or
    American Culinary Federation (ACF) designation
  • Foodservice/Culinary/Nutrition Educators at post-secondary or secondary institutions

Earn Next Level Industry Certification
The next level of instruction, available to students after successful completion of HCT120 or HCT121, includes an opportunity to earn Certified Culinary Medicine Professional (CCMP) Certification.

HCT130 or HCT131 | Health meets Food: Culinary Medicine in Foodservice
Earn Tier One: Certified Culinary Medicine Professional (CCMP) Certification
Wednesday • July 3 - August 21 • 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

A continuation of HCT120 or HCT121 instruction, topics focus on Cancer Nutrition, Diabetes and Nutrition, Geriatric Diet, Heart Disease and Diet, Obesity & Weight Management, Renal Diet, and more. Coursework includes a practical capstone project and proctored certification exam. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Part 1 (HCT120 or HCT121) prior to registering.
HCT130 • In-Person  HCT131 • Structured Remote
Program Information
  • HCT130 & HCT131 Prerequisite: Successful completion of Part 1 (HCT120 or HCT121) prior to registering.
  • In-person classes meet at the Monroe Center, located at 200 Monroe Avenue in Frederick, MD.
  • Structured remote students meet virtually at the same time as in-person classes. Learn more about FCC class formats.